Wedding Photography at Clevedon Hall – Jess and Sam

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Jess and Sam – Wedding Photography at St Leonard’s Church, Shipham and Clevedon Hall

Loved Jess’ choice of perfume for her Big Day. She chose to wear ‘Mrs Wright’ a great decision for a Miss Hemmings who was about to become a Mrs Wright. Calm and collected, Jess enjoyed a morning of pampering, courtesy of the fabulous Tracy and Sasha Pallari. Tracy working her magic with hair and Sasha created a beautiful soft bridal look for fair skinned Jess.

It was so refreshing to see such a lovely family getting on so well. Jess’ mum and stepdad had invited Jess’ Dad and stepmum over to the house before the ceremony, where they spent the morning chatting and laughing as the girls got ready. So great seeing everyone getting on brilliantly, which is sadly often not the case when I photograph weddings of couples whose parents have separated.

Jess got ready just a hop skip and a jump from The Church of St Leonard in Shipham. And on such a beautiful day she decided that she would like to walk to the church. It tends to be little spontaneous decisions like these, that are the memories that really stick out for a couple in the future. Lovely to capture the bride and her Dad smiling as they greeted well wishers who had gathered at the Church entrance to see her arrival.

As members of The Shipham Players, Jess and Sam are used to having lots of people hear them speak. And they didn’t disappoint their congregation. Both had learnt their vows by heart, so they had a beautifully seamless ceremony. During their final hymn they kept looking at one another, wonderful to be able to capture moments like these, when a couple can’t keep their eyes off one another.

After a natural receiving line we captured a couple of pictures with parents in the grounds of the church. The gates were then tied, and the couple threw their loose change into the crowd as payment to be let out. Traditionally the coins are given to the children of the village who will gather (in some villages they still do) however with no extra children to be found, the newlyweds baby nephew, and the only child at the wedding, earnt himself about 62p.

Clevedon Hall looked great as always and Jess’ handmade touches were great. She had learnt to make soap especially to make favours and each guest received a bar of soap along with their ‘placecard’ that was their initals made out of scrabble tiles into keyrings. Thousands of paper flowers had also been folded to make centrepieces. The effect was bright, fresh and beautiful and I think every guest appreciated the effort that the couple had put in.

Highlight of my evening was definitely the Macarena. There is something almost magical about watching 40 grown adults dance in formation. ‘Eeeeey Macarena!’ A wonderful day Mr and Mrs Wright. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it!

Here are some images of Jess and Sam’s Big Day on 23rd April 2016 at The Church of St Leonard and Clevedon Hall. Their full gallery will be online soon. Please do like our facebook page 

Venue –Clevedon Hall

Dress – White Lace and Promises

Suits – Moss Bros

Photographer – Interlace Photography

Hair – Tracy Pallari

Makeup – Sasha Louise Pallari

Flowers – Bouquet Florist, Cheddar

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ClevedonHall_0001 ClevedonHall_0002 ClevedonHall_0003 ClevedonHall_0004 ClevedonHall_0005 ClevedonHall_0006 ClevedonHall_0007 ClevedonHall_0008 ClevedonHall_0009 ClevedonHall_0010 ClevedonHall_0011 ClevedonHall_0012 ClevedonHall_0013 ClevedonHall_0014 ClevedonHall_0015 ClevedonHall_0016 ClevedonHall_0017 ClevedonHall_0018 ClevedonHall_0019 ClevedonHall_0020 ClevedonHall_0021 ClevedonHall_0022 ClevedonHall_0023 ClevedonHall_0024 ClevedonHall_0025 ClevedonHall_0026 ClevedonHall_0027 ClevedonHall_0028 ClevedonHall_0029 ClevedonHall_0030 ClevedonHall_0031 ClevedonHall_0032 ClevedonHall_0033 ClevedonHall_0034 ClevedonHall_0035 ClevedonHall_0036 ClevedonHall_0037 ClevedonHall_0038 ClevedonHall_0039 clevedonhall_0040 clevedonhall_0041 clevedonhall_0042 clevedonhall_0043

Wedding Photography Charlton House and Spa – Holly and Tim

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Holly and Tim – Wedding Photography at Charlton House Hotel and Spa, Shepton Mallet

I have known Holly in a professional capacity for some time now. She is the events coordinator at Batch Country House in Lympsham and I was delighted when she contacted me about her wedding photography at Charlton House. I knew that her day would be laid back, while at the same time being super organised (it’s the very nature of a coordinator to have lots of lists and spot on timings!)

Holly chose to to get ready onsite and her hair and makeup was already complete when I arrived. Getting her daughter Ava ready was a tad more challenging than Holly and her mum anticipated. Intent on not having her hair done, little Miss Piper was having a whale of a time running around and thriving on the attention. She loved looking at her picture on the back of the camera though, which made for a great bribe later in the day!

Holly didn’t have adult attendants, choosing to make Ava both her flowergirl and chief bridesmaid and instead invited her best girls up to the room to help her into her gown and join her in a glass of bubbles before the ceremony. A lovely way to incorporate your best friends in the Big Day and still give them an imporant role.

Tim and Holly chose to have Love Actually style flash mob singers during their ceremony. Just as guests rose to greet the Bride a soloist started and headed to the microphone at the front of the room. She was then joined by two others who headed down the aisle just as Ava came round the corner. Initially reluctant to head do the aisle by herself she dashed back round the corner to her mum and was helped down the aisle by one of Holly’s friends before she ran into her Daddy’s arms (and promptly ran back again to see what was taking her mum so long.)

After the ceremony the couple did an impromtu receiving line and their guests enjoyed canapes and a scone station provided by Charlotte’s Tearooms in Winscombe. Unfortunately very poor weather meant that going outside for the group photos wasn’t going to be an option. So instead we used the restaurant for a lovely light room to create the traditional family portraits.

I loved that Holly and Tim had put so much thought into entertaining the children. Childminder Donna arrived just after ceremony and came armed with arts and crafts, lego, books and a million other toys to keep everyone amused. The children ate separately from the adults and had a table adorned with animal balloons, sweet favours and each child had a personalised cupcake. A great way to allow the parents to relax and enjoy their afternoon and make sure the speeches are uninterrupted!

Loved Mr and Mrs Piper’s first dance. a beautiful romantic start that ended with a mash up and boy/girl dance off. Something that their guests won’t forget for a long time and it was a great way for me to end my evening with the newlyweds.

Here are some images of Holly and Tim’s Big Day on 22nd April 2016 at Charlton House Hotel and Spa in Shepton Mallet. Their full gallery will be online soon. Please do like our facebook page 

Venue –Charlton House

Dress – Art Couture from So Gorgeous

Suits – Marc Darcy

Photographer – Interlace Photography

Hair – Freshair, Burnham

Singers – Vocal Works Gospel Choir

Are you looking for a wedding photographer at Charlton House? Get in touch to see more of our images from this lovely venue.

CharltonHouse_0001 CharltonHouse_0002 CharltonHouse_0003 CharltonHouse_0004 CharltonHouse_0005 CharltonHouse_0006 CharltonHouse_0007 CharltonHouse_0008 CharltonHouse_0009 CharltonHouse_0010 CharltonHouse_0011 CharltonHouse_0012 CharltonHouse_0013 CharltonHouse_0014 CharltonHouse_0015 CharltonHouse_0016 CharltonHouse_0017 CharltonHouse_0018 CharltonHouse_0019 CharltonHouse_0020 CharltonHouse_0021 CharltonHouse_0022 CharltonHouse_0023 CharltonHouse_0024 CharltonHouse_0025 CharltonHouse_0026 CharltonHouse_0027 CharltonHouse_0028 CharltonHouse_0029 CharltonHouse_0030 CharltonHouse_0031 CharltonHouse_0032 CharltonHouse_0033 CharltonHouse_0034 CharltonHouse_0035 CharltonHouse_0036 CharltonHouse_0037 CharltonHouse_0038

Wedding Photography at The Beeches, Brislington – Lucy and Gareth

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Lucy and Gareth – Wedding Photography at The Beeches, Brislington

Before I say anything about the wonderful day that was the 9th April, I must mention the Groom’s mum Sue. Sue was an absolute trooper in the lead up to the wedding. An almost one woman band she created the gorgeous hairpiece that the bride wore. It could easily rival some of the most expensive bespoke creations that I see. She painted horseshoes that were decorated with paper flowers. Felt hearts were handstitched and miles of bunting had been made. Hand painted G & L wooden letters adorned the mantlepiece. handmade confetti cones, made from pages from books were ready for throwing. Sue sourced tiny patterned wooden buttons and beautiful ribbons. She handcrafted welcome signs, the table plan and a box for the cards. Vases were filled with bright blooms and the bouquets and buttonholes were all put together by this talented mother of the bride. I’m sure there was a million and one other details that I haven’t mentioned, but it all looked absolutely amazing and was such a wonderful personal way to add those little touches.

Lucy and Gareth’s Wedding wasn’t heralded by the very best of luck in the lead up to the Big Day. A number of guests wound up with a sick bug on the morning of the celebrations. These particular guests had travelled from Australia for the Wedding so a bit of a dodgy tummy wasn’t going to keep them away though! Lucy has a bit of a reputation for being a tad clumsy, so apparently it wasn’t in anyway a surprise when she wound up with a huge black eye a week before the wedding, after what should have been a regular walk with their very energetic dog. When I saw her just a couple of days before I couldn’t help but gasp! Luckily the swelling had reduced, and Lucy works with her talented make up artist friend Lou, so between them the girls were prepared with an artillery of concealer, foundations and powder. You wouldn’t have had any idea that she was in fact sporting a huge shiner under her flawless makeup. This bad luck dried up about lunchtime on the day of the wedding, with clouds disappearing, blue sky appearing overhead and happy guests ready to enjoy the celebrations.

I love to see a couple who are clearly having the very best time, and enjoying one anothers company so much. Lucy is a ray of sunshine. She has the most amazing smile and is always laughing, in turn making Gareth laugh. their portraits are just filled with so much happiness it makes me smile every time I look at them.

It was my first time at The Beeches in Brislington and I loved this intimate typically British hotel. With mosaic floors, bay windows and high ceilings it has the feel of a quaint seaside hotel, even though it is really close to the centre of Bristol. Lovely simple gardens are great for group pictures, with lots of space for guests to relax and enjoy their drinks outside.

Thank you for all the fun and laughter Mr and Mrs Thomas. I hope your honeymoon in the States has been just awesome!

Here are some images of the newlyweds Big Day on 9th April 2016 at The Beeches Hotel, Brislington. Their full gallery will be online soon. Please do like our facebook page 

Venue – The Beeches

Bridesmaids Dresses – Coast

Flowers – Mother of The Groom

Photographer – Interlace Photography

Makeup – Louise Drew Makeup Artist

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Orchardleigh_0041 Orchardleigh_0042 Orchardleigh_0043 Orchardleigh_0044 Orchardleigh_0046 Orchardleigh_0047 Orchardleigh_0048 Orchardleigh_0049 Orchardleigh_0050 Orchardleigh_0051 Orchardleigh_0052 Orchardleigh_0053 Orchardleigh_0054 Orchardleigh_0055 Orchardleigh_0056 Orchardleigh_0057 Orchardleigh_0058 Orchardleigh_0059 Orchardleigh_0060 Orchardleigh_0061 Orchardleigh_0062 Orchardleigh_0063 Orchardleigh_0064 Orchardleigh_0065 Orchardleigh_0066 Orchardleigh_0067 Orchardleigh_0068 Orchardleigh_0069 Orchardleigh_0070 Orchardleigh_0071 Orchardleigh_0072

Jacky and Chris- Wedding Photography at Bishops Palace, Wells

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Jacky and Chris – Wedding Photography at Wells Town Hall and Bishops Palace, Wells

The lovely Jacky and Chris chose some gorgeous seetings for their wedding celebrations. It’s always a pleasure to photograph The Bishops Palace in Wells. This was my third wedding there and it never fails to impress. They don’t take many wedding bookings throughout the year as it is still the Bishop’s home, and the grounds and building are generally open to the public. So it always feels really exclusive and is beautiful no matter what the weather.

I arrived with Chris and his groomsmen at the Town Hall and captured images of guests taking their seats and the boys attaching buttonholes before Jacky arrived in a stunning chauffered car. After the ceremony the Bride and Groom went for a short drive around Wells as guests headed towards the Palace. I did a hop skip and a jump across the Cathedral Green to Vicars Close where Jacky and Chris had seen some images I had captured previously and we used the lovely cobbles and terraced houses as a lovely backdrop. Always a challange to get pictures on Vicars Close. Although it’s closed to traffic it’s still a residential street and there are often the odd car parked here and there and lots of tourists interested in looking at the beautiful historic buildings. Luckily as soon as everyone spotted the bride and groom they scooted to one side and we captured a few ’empty street’ pictures.

Once we were back at the Palace, we captured the tradtional group portraits and some couple portraiture using the spectacular Cathedral and the various water features dotted throughout the grounds. A fantastic meal was followed by speeches and coffee in the long gallery while listening to pianist Steve Christie as staff got ready for the evening. The new Mr and Mrs kicked off their evening celebrations with a first dance before their guests took to the dancefloor.

Here are some images of the newlyweds Big Day on 19th March 2016 at Wells Town Hall and Bishops Palace, Wells.  Please do like our facebook page 

Dress – Robyn by Ronald Joyce

Venue – Bishops Palace, Wells

Bridesmaids Dresses – Monica by Ebony Rose

Flowers –Wedding Fairies

Photographer – Interlace Photography

Mens suits – The Original Mobile Menswear

Makeup – Jordan Smith

Are you looking for a wedding photographer at Bishops Palace Wells? Get in touch to see more of our images from this lovely venue.

BishopsPalace_0001 BishopsPalace_0002 BishopsPalace_0003 BishopsPalace_0004 BishopsPalace_0005 BishopsPalace_0006 BishopsPalace_0007 BishopsPalace_0008 BishopsPalace_0009 BishopsPalace_0010 BishopsPalace_0011 BishopsPalace_0012 BishopsPalace_0013 BishopsPalace_0014 BishopsPalace_0015 BishopsPalace_0016 BishopsPalace_0017 BishopsPalace_0018 BishopsPalace_0019 BishopsPalace_0020 BishopsPalace_0021 BishopsPalace_0022 BishopsPalace_0023 BishopsPalace_0024 BishopsPalace_0025 BishopsPalace_0026 BishopsPalace_0027 BishopsPalace_0028

Becky and Dan – Wedding Photography at Orchardleigh House

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Becky and Dan – Wedding Photography at St Mary’s, Orchardleigh and Orchardleigh House

Becky made the most stunning bride. Her Justin Alexander gown was just to die for. Heavily beaded with high neckline and a low back it was perfect for her petite frame and was finished with gorgeous asymetric hair and elegant makeup by the talented Sally Bracey. The couples wedding styling was beautiful. Put together by Kirsten The Little Wedding Helper they had gold sequinned table cloths on the top table that were covered with flowers in teacups and decanters, strings of pearls. Lovely gold Lindt bunny favours that doubled up as nameplaces with neckties that had adorable calligraphy to let guests know where they were sitting. Mugs spelling out LOVE sat on the matelpiece behind the top table filled with more dusky pink flowers and make a great focal point for the room.

The boys were very organised and already waiting at St Mary’s when I arrived. One of my favourite ever churches, St Mary’s has no electricity and is tucked away on a tiny island nestled int he grounds of the lovely Orchadleigh estate in Frome. Never the easiest church to photograph, lit only by candles, lighting can be a real challenge. But it’s an idyllic spot and a setting that would fit perfectly in an American movie that included a cute British wedding.

The weather wasn’t the kindest to Becky and Dan and a dash through the rain with brollies and confetti was the most that the majority of guests were outside all day. We didn’t venture far for the couples portraits and instead used the old collapsed orangery next to the house and dragged bridesmaids and ushers out onto the steps for a handful of natural light shots. The lovely thing about a wet day is that I have to get creative with lighting. I like to work with ambient light so the billiard room and stairs were perfect for some strong contrast, sidelit shots using just narrow beams of natural light to create some slightly moodier images.

The evening was kicked off with a great photobooth provided by Basket and Banter. They set up a backdrop with little faux plants, loads of props in a basket and plenty of banter thrown into the mix. The first dance was followed by plenty of mingling and I left just after a great fireworks display.


Here are some images of the newlyweds Big Day on 24th March 2016 at Orchardleigh Estate. Their full gallery will be online soon. Please do like our facebook page 

Dress – Justin Alexander

Venue – Orchardleigh House

Make up – Sally Bracey

Florist – Belle De Jour, Clifton

Photographer – Interlace Photography

Styling – The Little Wedding Helper

Photobooth – Basket and Banter

Are you looking for a wedding photographer at Orchardleigh House? Get in touch to see more of our images from this lovely venue.

Orchardleigh_0001 Orchardleigh_0002 Orchardleigh_0003 Orchardleigh_0004 Orchardleigh_0005 Orchardleigh_0006 Orchardleigh_0007 Orchardleigh_0008 Orchardleigh_0009 Orchardleigh_0010 Orchardleigh_0011 Orchardleigh_0012 Orchardleigh_0013 Orchardleigh_0014 Orchardleigh_0015 Orchardleigh_0016 Orchardleigh_0017 Orchardleigh_0018 Orchardleigh_0019 Orchardleigh_0020 Orchardleigh_0021 Orchardleigh_0022 Orchardleigh_0023 Orchardleigh_0024 Orchardleigh_0025 Orchardleigh_0026 Orchardleigh_0027 Orchardleigh_0028 Orchardleigh_0029 Orchardleigh_0030 Orchardleigh_0031 Orchardleigh_0032 Orchardleigh_0033 Orchardleigh_0034 Orchardleigh_0035 Orchardleigh_0036 Orchardleigh_0037 Orchardleigh_0038 Orchardleigh_0039 Orchardleigh_0040

Laura and Sam – Wedding Photography at Coombe Lodge

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Laura and Sam – Wedding Photography at Coombe Lodge

Spring Weddings at Coombe Lodge are always beautiful to photograph. Daffodils cover the bank and later in the season wild garlic carpets the wilder areas of the grounds. Laura and Sam were extremely fortunate with the weather for their Big Day on Good Friday. The Thursday was grey and wet and the saturday was grey and wet. But they picked a little patch of sunshine in a very typical British Bank Holiday weekend.

A month before their wedding I spent the morning with the Summerhayes family capturing some pre-wedding images at Coombe Lodge to make sure the couple and their two lovely girls Jessie and Mia were comfortable with the camera. That particular morning was a great success and I captured loads of gorgeous family shots. However on the day of the wedding the term ‘not playing ball’ was a term coined for Jessie. My two daughters are exactly the same age as Mia and Jessie within just a few weeks of one another and I know full well that when there is a three year old who doesn’t want to do something, there is no amount of bribery and blackmail that will persuade them otherwise. Luckily Laura and Sam were extremely relaxed about this and I captured natural and relaxed shots of them and their guests enjoying the special day. As the registrar Paula said (during the ceremony when Jessie clung to her Daddy and whimpered through the vows and first kiss) it’s moments like these that you look back on and treasure in years to come….and never let your daughter forget, particularly during the planning stages of her own wedding in the future!

My images are about moments. Not just standing in lines and smiling for the camera. It’s the moment your daughter races down the aisle into her Daddy’s arms. The children running around the grounds gathering up eggs in an Easter trail. The break in the romantic couples portraits for the bride and groom to spot the bestman mooning in the distance and to get that shot of genuine laughter (and the shot of the bestman’s bottom.)…..It’s making sure the Groom’s beloved mini is as photographed as his beautiful bride.

Loved Laura’s colours and style. Multiway dresses in champagne, truffle and delicate pink with soft grecian hair adorned with gypsophilia. Laura’s sister Kirsten and a team of students from Weston College created the complete bridal party’s wedding look. A beautiful variety of hairstyles that ran along the same theme and elegant makeup, looked brilliant once complete, and the girls should be very proud of their work.

Congratulations Laura and Sam. Thank you for a brilliant day!

Here are some images of the newlyweds Big Day on 25th March 2016 at Coombe Lodge. Their full gallery will be online soon. Please do like our facebook page 

Dress – Ascher by Maggie Sottero from Allison Jayne Bridal

Venue – Coombe Lodge

Bridesmaids Dresses – Debenhams

Flowers – Emma Petersson Designer Florist

Hair – The Team at Weston College

Photographer – Interlace Photography

Mens suits – Debenhams suit hire

Cake – Cake Matters

Are you looking for a wedding photographer at Coombe Lodge? Get in touch to see more of our images from this lovely venue.

BishopsPalace_0029 BishopsPalace_0030 BishopsPalace_0031 BishopsPalace_0032 BishopsPalace_0033 BishopsPalace_0034 BishopsPalace_0035 BishopsPalace_0036 BishopsPalace_0037 BishopsPalace_0038 BishopsPalace_0039 BishopsPalace_0040 BishopsPalace_0041 BishopsPalace_0042 BishopsPalace_0043 BishopsPalace_0044 BishopsPalace_0045 BishopsPalace_0046 BishopsPalace_0047 BishopsPalace_0048 BishopsPalace_0049 BishopsPalace_0050 BishopsPalace_0051 BishopsPalace_0052 BishopsPalace_0053 BishopsPalace_0054 BishopsPalace_0055 BishopsPalace_0056 BishopsPalace_0057 BishopsPalace_0058 BishopsPalace_0059 BishopsPalace_0060 BishopsPalace_0061 BishopsPalace_0062 BishopsPalace_0063 BishopsPalace_0064 BishopsPalace_0065

Gemma and Chris – Wedding Photography at Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard

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Gemma and Chris – Wedding Photography at Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard

It has been far too long since I have blogged. I have absolutely loads of weddings to catch up on. However I thought I would start afresh with my wedding from last week, and catch up on the others when I get a chance.

Gemma and Chris chose Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard for their wedding celebrations. Having got engaged in a vineyard while travelling abroad, it was the perfect choice. Gemma didn’t want a strong theme for the wedding, however it seemed the subtle ‘wine’ theme was entirely appropriate for the setting. A simple table plan made from wine bottles each holding a single rose, gold painted wine bottle table numbers and plenty of the yummy alcoholic grape juice itself, was very fitting. Matched with hessian table runners, wooden centre piece holders and vibrant purple and green, every detail was well thought out.

Gemma was one of my most organised brides in ages. Her morning timings were all typed up and she was completely ready, well before she needed to see the registrars. Perfect for capturing some of the photo ideas she had seen on pinterest while she was relaxed and organised.

After the ceremony and confetti we headed into the vineyard for a few shots among the vines. We had been warned by the staff that the grounds were rather boggy, but Gem and Chris were undeterred. During our initial meeting, it was the one thing that they highlighted to me as being a really important backdrop to capture some images. Certainly not a part of the day they will forget with myself and Sean the videographer walking ahead testing the firmest path to tread!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Giddings, I hope you had the most wonderful day and incredible honeymoon!

Here are some images of the newlyweds Big Day on 12th March 2016 at Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard. Please do like our facebook page 

Dress – Watters

Venue – Aldwick Court Farm

Bridesmaids Dresses – Coast

Flowers –Eden Flowers – Winscombe

Hair – Helen Farley

Photographer – Interlace Photography

Caterers – Taste Buds Catering

Mens suits – Clifton Suits

Cake – Anna Tyler Cakes

Are you looking for a wedding photographer at Aldwick Court Farm? Get in touch to see more of our images from this lovely venue.


AldwickCourtFarm_0002 AldwickCourtFarm_0003 AldwickCourtFarm_0004 AldwickCourtFarm_0005 AldwickCourtFarm_0006 AldwickCourtFarm_0007 AldwickCourtFarm_0008 AldwickCourtFarm_0009 AldwickCourtFarm_0010 aldwickcourtfarm_0011 aldwickcourtfarm_0012 aldwickcourtfarm_0013 aldwickcourtfarm_0014 aldwickcourtfarm_0015 aldwickcourtfarm_0016 AldwickCourtFarm_0017 AldwickCourtFarm_0018 AldwickCourtFarm_0019 AldwickCourtFarm_0020 AldwickCourtFarm_0021 AldwickCourtFarm_0022 AldwickCourtFarm_0023 AldwickCourtFarm_0024 AldwickCourtFarm_0025 AldwickCourtFarm_0026 AldwickCourtFarm_0027 AldwickCourtFarm_0028 AldwickCourtFarm_0029 AldwickCourtFarm_0030 AldwickCourtFarm_0031

Wedding Photography at Clevedon Halll – Claire and Derek

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Claire and Derek – Wedding Photography at Clevedon Hall

So much fun and laughter at the wedding of Claire and Derek. As soon as I met Claire I knew her wedding day was going to be really enjoyable. So relaxed and easy to talk to with an infectious laugh, I was thrilled when her adult bridesmaids were exactly the same and clearly enjoying every minute of their best friends Big Day. The cheeky ladies were about to pop the first cork of the morning on my arrival at 10am. With drinking that early I knew we were going to have lots of fun!

Claire chose the beautiful Tawny Owl suite at the top of Clevedon Hall to get ready. A lovely choice for getting ready….apart from the very narrow staircase. Luckily Claire bypassed this entirely by using the lift down to the first floor before descending the beautiful grand staircase ready for the ceremony.

Derek was extremely organised and completely ready more than an hour before the ceremony and had even pursuaded the catering manager to get him a morning tipple from the closed bar. I captured some images in the snug of the boys attaching their buttonholes before heading back up to see the girls.

The Dame Rosa Burden Room is my favourite room for ceremonies at Clevedon Hall. A photographers dream it is bright and light (and often very warm as Derek found out during the ceremony, when he was desperately gesturing to me to open the window wider) Lots of laughter during the ceremony with personal readings from Derek’s Dad and daughter Sam, and Claire’s good friend. I love capturing those moments that are just a second or two before they are gone. As Claire entered the room Derek’s bestman Terry placed his hand on the groom’s shoulder and I love the pictures as Claire came down the aisle grinning at her guests. It’s moments like that which go by in a blur for the couple at the time but they can recall forever more with an image that says it all.

After the ceremony we headed out onto  the lawn infront of the house for a huge confetti tunnel followed by by group shots around the fountain. I then continued with smaller groups on the grass near the fountain while guests listened to harpist Siona Stockel and enjoyed canapes. Lovely to see Simon from Parsnip Mash, back at Clevedon Hall for a one off wedding. Always fantastic food from this lovely team! Just a tad windy…There were moments when Claire’s mum Violet lost her hat and Siona’s sheet music flew off the music stand in a violent gust, the guests were a little windswept in the pictures, but it will remind the bride and groom of a slightly blustery day! We dashed inside as the rain started to all and completed the last photo of Claire and her million hens, with their silly faces, on the balcony over the great hall.

The weather then changed again and beautiful sunshine shone over Clevedon so Claire, Derek and I took the opportunity to pop outside without anyone else (even though Claire’s Dad Winston did try to hide in plain sight so he could ake some pictures) We wandered down to the tree and used the house as backdrop against a beautiful blue sky. During our meeting before the wedding the couple had said to me that they liked light and bright and green. With the Dame Rosa Burden Room, huge green trees and beautiful open parkland I hope we achieved this!

After the shots down by the lake we headed back inside to pose with the cheese tower created by Pong. The couple were thrilled that it contained all the cheeses they had expected rather than just a few as they had expected. Simple styling in the library involved greens from their colour scheme and burnt oranges and cream in the fishbowl centre pieces. glass candle holders were both name places painted with glass paint and personalised m&m holders as favours for the guests. The newlyweds went with a simple escort card system for their table plan. VeryAmerican style and something I expect to see more and more of in the coming seasons. Simple luggage labels were tied to a frame with the guests name on one side and the table name on the other side. The idea is simply to remove your card and take it with you to your table.

I left the new Mr and Mrs Jenkins as they took as their seats for their first meal as husband and wife. On the Sunday they jetted off to a surprise honeymoon that had been booked by Derek for his new wife. (It was Mauritus for those who would like to know….and I think they had a great time!)

Here are some images of the newlyweds Big Day on 12th September 2015 at Clevedon Hall. Please do like our facebook page 

Dress – Harmony by Enzoani at 14 and Sixpence

Venue – Clevedon Hall

Bridesmaids Dresses – Clare’s Dress Design

Flowers –Emma Petersson Designer Florist

Make Up – Portia Channel from Pia Makeup Designs

Hair – Harriet from Escape, Norton Fitzwarren

Photographer – Interlace Photography

Caterers – Parsnip Mash

Cheese Tower – Pong

Harpist – Siona Stockel

Are you looking for a wedding photographer at Clevedon Hall? Get in touch to see more of our images from this lovely venue.

clevedonhall_0074 clevedonhall_0075 clevedonhall_0076 clevedonhall_0077 clevedonhall_0078 clevedonhall_0079 clevedonhall_0080 clevedonhall_0081 clevedonhall_0082 clevedonhall_0083 clevedonhall_0084 clevedonhall_0085 clevedonhall_0086 clevedonhall_0087 clevedonhall_0088 clevedonhall_0089

Wedding Photography at Clevedon Hall – Becki and Mike

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Becki and Mike – Wedding Photography at Clevedon Hall

What a wedding! Absolutely gorgeous styling from Becki and Mike with huge amounts of effort from family and friends on the lead up to and morning of the wedding. The couple chose a theme of silver and black with white flowers and green foliage as well as a books and authors names for the styling of the library for their wedding breakfast. Becki was so passionate about their Big Day. She was really excited about all the little details and everywhere you looked in Clevedon Hall were elements of the couples personality. With everything from a massive sweet stand, to a his ‘n hers wedding cake, wishing trees, huge photoframe and props, room divider covered with images of the couple, present table adorned with hundreds of pretend presents in their colour scheme, lanterns with candles, bling vases filled with flowers, light up cocktail bar and beautiful strings of baubles hung from the balcony over the great hall. It was simply STUNNING and guests were wowed by the effort!

Becki and the girls were oblivious to the Mother of the Bride and the male part of the wedding party grafting away on the morning of the wedding. Tucked away in the uppermost part of Clevedon Hall they had a relaxed morning having their hair and makeup done and enjoying a glass or two of champagne poured from personalised Moet bottles. (As far as I’m concerned there couldn’t be a much better way to start the morning of a wedding!) Loved Becki’s hair. She chose to wear it up in barrel curls off her neck and I could see why when I saw the Lillian West gown she had purchased from Clifton Brides. An elegant keyhole backed design with high neckline that suited her incredible figure perfectly. The lovely thing about the boys also getting ready onsite is that I can pop back and forth and capture shots of what the guys were also up to. In this case they were tucking into a mountain of food that had been packed for them and cracking open even more champagne. Mike chose a black lounge suit by Austin Reed suit in contrast to the groomsmen who wore grey.

Guests arrived to music from a string quartet as Mike made his way around to speak to people as they took their seats. Becki and her ‘maids descended the grand staircase and walked straight down the aisle where Mike was waiting. A lovely ceremony, with personal poem written and read by Becki’s sister Kirsty, ended with the bride and groom leading their guests out to the fountain to be showered with congratulations from well wishers. After the tradtitional group photos on the lawn we headed infront of the house to capture some more fun and silly imagery that the couple had found on pinterest that they like the idea of recreating. After these, I asked the girls to sit by the water together and I shot some relaxed pictures of the bridal party chatting before Mike replaced the ladies and we went onto the couples portraits. One of the lovely things about Clevedon Hall on a sunny day is the easy flow of imagery that can be created around the water. So many different angles involving reflections, the house, beautiful skies, the options are endless. Luckily videographers Steve and Brad were just as enamoured as myself with these lovely backdrops and we just let the couple relax and enjoy their surroundings asking them to cuddle and walk and ignore as as much as they could.

When we headed back to the Hall guests were taking their seats so I grabbed a few images of everyone chatting before the bride and groom were presented into the room. Speeches started the meal and it was great to see all four speakers getting everyone laughing. Delcious food as always was followed by coffee served in the orangery before the couple and guests headed outside to begin welcoming the evening guests.

The evening celebrations began with cutting of the cake and opening of the Dame Rosa Burden room so guests could start on the sweet buffet and begin popping their messages onto the wishing trees. This was followed by a surprise slideshow for the groom as organised by his bride. Becki had prepared lots of their memories to music which were projected onto a big screen for Mike and all the guests to watch. She then descended the staircase as it finished and the newlyweds went straight into their first dance as confetti rained from the balcony. Guests then had a bit of a dance and indulged in a cocktail or two before we headed out to watch a firework display over the lake. The fireworks ended with the biggest surprise of the night…a brand new Range Rover with personalised number plate from Mike for his new wife. Wonderful to hear the gasps of the crowd and see the delight on Becki’s face. That’s one wedding gift that I won’t see topped for a while!

Evening buffet of hearty ploughmans was served when everyone headed back inside, and the band for the evening, ‘The Wedding Band’, fronted by Sarah Eden-Winn from BBC’s The Voice, started to play shortly after. Lots of dancing shots and guests having a great time were captured as I made my way round the venue which by now was alive with 250 of Becki and Mike’s friends and family. My last image of the evening was a silhoutte of the bride and groom in the archway one of the corridors leading off the balcony, as Mr and Mrs Wong took a moment to themselves to watch their guests enjoying themselves. The perfect end to a spectacular wedding. Congratulations Becki and Mike, I hope you had the greatest of days.

Here are some images of Mr and Mrs Wong’s special day on 28th August 2015 at Clevedon Hall. Please do like our facebook page to be notified when more are online in the next few days.

Dress –Lillian West at Clifton Brides

Venue – Clevedon Hall

Bridesmaids Dresses – Little Mistress

Flowers – Flowers by Gem

Hair – Naomi from The Beauty Spot

Photographer – Interlace Photography

Band – The Wedding Band

Videographer – Steve and Brad from Wedding Filming Company

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Wedding Photography at Symondsbury Tithe Barn – Zoe and Dan

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Zoe and Dan – Wedding Photography at Holy Trinity Church, Bothenhampton and Symondsbury Tithe Barn, Bridport

Dan and ZoRowe (as she will be henceforth known by Mr Rowe) chose to marry just a hop skip and a jump from their home in Bridport, Dorset. Holy Trinity is an idyllic Church in a tiny village, that was perfect for their rustic country wedding that was filled with wild flowers and soft pastel colours. Zoe was having her makeup done in the kitchen when I arrived at her lovely home that has the most perfect lighting for the makeup artist and hairdresser to create masterpieces and for a photographer to capture bright images of the mornings preparation!

I was welcomed so warmly by Zoe’s mum and her lovely sisters who spent most of the morning competing over who was the ‘chiefest chief’ maid of honour and then who could take the best headshot of Zoe then showing them to me for approval. I love to really feel part of the celebrations, Zoe and I met socially a few times before she booked, having got my details from a mutual friend (who’s dress split right down the back before the ceremony even started, and then had to dash back to her mum’s to get changed…she will kill me for writing that!) So it felt like I was amongst friends all day. The male section of the wedding party were hilarious and totally up for making compete fools of themselves without any prompting from me at all. Images I captured of them included a cheerleader style pyramid, the bestman with his trousers down and them all playing in mini construction site.

I knew I was in for a fun afternoon when one of the first images I captured of the boys was a shot of them lined up swigging from their hipflasks. This shot included mini usher Alfie who had blackcurrant squash in his. Zoe arrived at the packed church in a friend of Dan’s Dad’s vintage car. She looked spectacular in a fitted Maggie Sottero gown with the most fantastic detailing on the back, it suited her and the style of day perfectly.

A traditional ceremony was followed by the bride and groom being smothered with a thousand kisses outside the church. The newlyweds chose to leave their group shots until arrival at the reception venue so we captured a couple of photos infront of the beautiful church as the bride and groom waited for everyone to gather for the confetti shower. They then stepped onto the road to a huge cloud of confetti before hopping into their chariot to head to WestBay to give their guests time to get to the barn before them.

Luckily I got a ride with the couple as the seafront was heaving with tourists on one of the nicest Staurdays of the summer holidays. A beautiful spot that is now familiar to many as the beach and cliffs from Broadchurch. We managed to find ourselves a bench with a nice view of the cliffs and I asked the newlyweds to sit, relax and enjoy one anothers company while I captured some casual romantic images. As we headedback to the car Zoe asked if we could use the ‘pink house’ as a backdrop for a couple of images. Apparently quite iconic in the area, as we stood by the house and used one of the outside walls, the owner approached us and asked if we would like to use her balcony for some different angles. Such a lovely gesture and she seemed really pleased to add a little extra enjoyment to Zoe and Dan’s day.

On arrival at Symonsbury Tithe Barn canapes were just starting to come out and guests were supping on champagne ready to welcome the newlyweds. Everyone relaxed and enjoyed themselves playing croquet and eating tasty treats before we started on the group portraits. I loved the elegant styling of the light and airy barn. Chandeliers of flowers hung over the tables, a naked cake was adorned with strawberries and HUGE cherries, table places of a sprig of lavender along with a Zoe and Dan badge were simple and cute and sat on tables that were named on a tying of the knot table name theme, with each table having a framed knot. A tower of suitcases sat near the door with one open for cards. Pastel coloured paper lanterns hung from the rafters over the dancefloor which had large lit up ‘LOVE’ letters that looked great once it was dark.

We were so lucky with the weather. Just as guests took their seats it hammered it down for over an hour. Clearing up entirely once the speeches were over ready for guests to continue their croquet and the lovely grounds. Great speeches followed chicken and chorizo pie and eton mess. Zoe’s sister Lauren spoke on behalf of her family and was followed by Dan’s speech (always love a groom’s speech that involves ean explosive diarrohea story!) Bestman Martin then took great delight in relaying Dan’s experience with the online dating world. In particular his escapades with ‘Fun Frankie’ who turned out to be Martin and friends creating an entirely fake profile and leading Dan on for weeks.

So much fun was had throughout Zoe and Dan’s day, I loved being a part of it and was made to feel so welcome. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Rowe I hope you had the most incredible time in Bali! The wedding photos are now all online. get in touch with the newlyweds for their password. Please do like our facebook page

Dress – Maggie Sottero

Grooms Suit – Reiss

Venue – Symondsbury Tithe Barn, Dorset

Bridesmaids Dresses – ASOS

Flowers – Alison Davies Flowers

Makeup and Bridesmaids Hair– Amazing Face

Photographer – Interlace Photography

Band –The Leggomen

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