Becky and Dan – Wedding Photography at Orchardleigh House

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Becky and Dan – Wedding Photography at St Mary’s, Orchardleigh and Orchardleigh House

Becky made the most stunning bride. Her Justin Alexander gown was just to die for. Heavily beaded with high neckline and a low back it was perfect for her petite frame and was finished with gorgeous asymetric hair and elegant makeup by the talented Sally Bracey. The couples wedding styling was beautiful. Put together by Kirsten The Little Wedding Helper they had gold sequinned table cloths on the top table that were covered with flowers in teacups and decanters, strings of pearls. Lovely gold Lindt bunny favours that doubled up as nameplaces with neckties that had adorable calligraphy to let guests know where they were sitting. Mugs spelling out LOVE sat on the matelpiece behind the top table filled with more dusky pink flowers and make a great focal point for the room.

The boys were very organised and already waiting at St Mary’s when I arrived. One of my favourite ever churches, St Mary’s has no electricity and is tucked away on a tiny island nestled int he grounds of the lovely Orchadleigh estate in Frome. Never the easiest church to photograph, lit only by candles, lighting can be a real challenge. But it’s an idyllic spot and a setting that would fit perfectly in an American movie that included a cute British wedding.

The weather wasn’t the kindest to Becky and Dan and a dash through the rain with brollies and confetti was the most that the majority of guests were outside all day. We didn’t venture far for the couples portraits and instead used the old collapsed orangery next to the house and dragged bridesmaids and ushers out onto the steps for a handful of natural light shots. The lovely thing about a wet day is that I have to get creative with lighting. I like to work with ambient light so the billiard room and stairs were perfect for some strong contrast, sidelit shots using just narrow beams of natural light to create some slightly moodier images.

The evening was kicked off with a great photobooth provided by Basket and Banter. They set up a backdrop with little faux plants, loads of props in a basket and plenty of banter thrown into the mix. The first dance was followed by plenty of mingling and I left just after a great fireworks display.


Here are some images of the newlyweds Big Day on 24th March 2016 at Orchardleigh Estate. Their full gallery will be online soon. Please do like our facebook page 

Dress – Justin Alexander

Venue – Orchardleigh House

Make up – Sally Bracey

Florist – Belle De Jour, Clifton

Photographer – Interlace Photography

Styling – The Little Wedding Helper

Photobooth – Basket and Banter

Are you looking for a wedding photographer at Orchardleigh House? Get in touch to see more of our images from this lovely venue.

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